What does Starbucks sell most of?

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Starbucks has generated over 61% of its revenue from beverages in 2022, with other revenue accounting for 21%, while food sales made up the remaining 18%. The coffee giant’s success is attributed to its focus on quality, customer experience, and marketing efforts that have created a strong brand identity and a sense of community. Its strategy of emphasizing beverages, packaged products, and licensing has been successful, making Starbucks a popular destination for coffee lovers worldwide.

What Does Starbucks Sell Most Of?

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains in the world, with over 31,000 stores in 82 countries. The company has been around for over 50 years and has become a household name. But what does Starbucks sell most of?

Starbucks Revenue Breakdown

According to recent reports, Starbucks made over 61% of its revenue, in 2022, from beverages, followed by other revenue, which accounted for 21% of the total revenue. Other revenue comprises packaged and single-serve coffees and teas, plus royalty and licensing revenues, beverage-related ingredients, serve ware, and ready-to-drink beverages, among other things. The remaining 18% of Starbucks’ revenue comes from food sales.

It’s no surprise that beverages are the main source of revenue for Starbucks. The company is known for its high-quality coffee and espresso drinks, which are a staple for many coffee lovers. Starbucks offers a wide range of beverages, from classic coffee and tea to more complex espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The company also offers seasonal drinks, such as the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is only available during the fall season.

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Starbucks’ other revenue streams are also significant. The company sells packaged coffee and tea products, which customers can purchase and enjoy at home. Starbucks also has a line of ready-to-drink beverages, such as bottled iced coffee and tea, which are available in grocery stores and convenience stores. Additionally, Starbucks has a licensing program, which allows other companies to use the Starbucks brand and sell Starbucks products.

Starbucks’ Success

Starbucks’ success can be attributed to its focus on quality and customer experience. The company sources high-quality coffee beans from around the world and has a team of skilled baristas who are trained to make the perfect cup of coffee. Starbucks also invests heavily in its stores, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. The company’s stores are designed to be a « third place » between work and home, where customers can relax and enjoy their coffee.

Starbucks’ marketing efforts have also played a significant role in its success. The company has created a strong brand identity, with its iconic green logo and recognizable cups. Starbucks has also been successful in creating a sense of community around its brand, with initiatives like the Starbucks Rewards program and the My Starbucks Idea platform, which allows customers to submit their ideas and suggestions for the company.

In Conclusion

Starbucks is a company that has become synonymous with high-quality coffee and a great customer experience. The company’s focus on beverages, packaged products, and licensing has been a successful strategy, accounting for the majority of its revenue. Starbucks’ success can be attributed to its focus on quality, customer experience, and strong brand identity. As the company continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and adapts to changing consumer preferences.

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