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Volunteering just got even better with PayPal Gives’ new initiative. For every hour of volunteer work, PayPal Gives will donate $10 to a non-profit of the volunteer’s choice, up to $500 a year. Not only does volunteering help others, but it can also improve mental health, boost resumes, and develop new skills. So, get involved and earn money for a good cause!

Get more when you volunteer with PayPal Gives

Are you passionate about giving back to your community? Do you want to make a difference while earning money for your favorite non-profit organization? Look no further than PayPal Gives. Through our charitable giving initiative, you can earn $10 USD for every hour of volunteer work you complete, up to $500 USD a year.

How it works

It’s simple. All you have to do is volunteer your time with a non-profit organization of your choice. Once you’ve completed your volunteer work, submit your hours to PayPal Gives. We’ll then donate $10 USD to the non-profit organization of your choice on your behalf.

Why it matters

Not only does volunteering make a positive impact on your community, but it also has numerous benefits for you. Volunteering can improve your mental health, boost your resume, and help you develop new skills. And now, with PayPal Gives, you can also earn money for your favorite non-profit organization while doing good.


In conclusion, PayPal Gives is a win-win for both volunteers and non-profit organizations. By volunteering your time, you can make a difference in your community while also earning money for a cause you care about. So what are you waiting for? Start volunteering with PayPal Gives today and make a difference in the world.

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